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Jitters by David French, April 20-22*-26-29*2018 (*Sunday matinee)

Author’s Agent: Charles W. Northcote, Core Literary, Toronto, Canada

This sophisticated comedy opens on the night of a preview of a new play, The Care and Treatment of Roses. Within minutes the audience is plunged into the world of the theatre, a world of instant loves and hates, easily bruised egos, and contradictory interpretations of role and script, complicated by crises involving faulty props, lost lines, and bad reviews, all magnified by opening night “jitters.”

DIRECTED BY: Michelle Murphy


Patrick (lead) – male, late 40s, early 50s

Jessica (lead) - female, 45-50

Phil (lead) – male, late 30s, early 40s

George (lead) – male, flexible – 30s-60s

Robert(a) – male or female, late 20s

Tom – male, early 20s

Nick(i) – male or female, 25-45

Susi (minor)-female, 20s

Peggy (minor)-female, 20s

WHERE: ITOPA theatre lobby, 88 Thames St, Ingersoll

WHEN: Sunday, January 14, 2-4 pm

              Monday, January 15, 630-830 pm

Please have a short monologue (1-2 mins) prepared and be ready to do cold readings from the script.

For more information contact Michelle at (519)535-8368 or


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