Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter, adapted by Lilyane Moyer

December 8-9-10*-14-15-16-17* 2017, (* Sunday Matinee)

As soon as the recently orphaned eleven year old, Pollyanna arrives in Baldwinsville to live with her strict and dutiful maiden aunt, she begins to brighten up everybody's life. The 'glad game' she plays, of finding a silver lining in every cloud, transforms the sick, the lonely and the plain miserable - until one day something so terrible happens that even Pollyanna doesn't know how to feel glad about it.

Garnet Rogers Poster

Garnet Rogers International Recording Artist

One Night Only! January 13th 2018

He was born in Hamilton, Ontario in May, 1955 but has roots in Nova Scotia. He began his professional career working with his brother, folk musician Stan Rogers, and arranging Stan's music. Rogers' instruments include the guitar, mandolin, violin, and flute.

Over the years Garnet has worked or appeared with artists such as the late Bill Morrissey (a Grammy-nominated writer, singer, and best-selling author), Mary Chapin Carpenter (five time Grammy-winning singer), the late Guy Clark, Shawn Colvin, folk legends Judy Collins and Tom Paxton, acclaimed British producer Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois (fellow Canadian and noted producer for U2), Bluegrass legend Bill Monroe, Harry Connick Jr., and many others.

Suburban Standoff

Suburban Standoff by Michael Grant,

February 9-10-11*-15-16-17-18* 2018, (* Sunday Matinee)

Produced by special arrangement with PLAYWRIGHTS GUILD OF CANADA
Ty, who is down on his luck, attempts a home invasion with the help of his ex-stripper girlfriend, Candy in hopes of some quick cash. However, they may have picked the wrong home. The home owners, Hank and Nancy, seem to know more about guns and violence than they do. Who's really in control of this crazy evening? Are Ty and Candy really bad people? Only time will tell.



Jitters by David French, April 20-21-22*- 26-27-28-29* 2018, (* Sunday Matinee)

“Author’s Agent: Charles W. Northcote, Core Literary, Toronto, Canada”

“JITTERS was first produced by Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, 1979”
This sophisticated comedy, opens on the night of a preview of a new play, "The Care and Treatment of Roses." Within minutes, the audience is plunged into the world of the theatre, a world of instant loves and hates, easily bruised egos, contradictory interpretations of role and script which is complicated by crises involving faulty props, lost lines and bad reviews, and all magnified by the opening night "jitters"


My Darling Judith

My Darling Judith by Norm Foster June 15-16-17*-21-22-23-24* 2018, (* Sunday Matinee)

My Darling Judith was originally produced at Theatre New Brunswick, in Fredericton NB, in 1987.

My Darling Judith is staged by arrangement with Pam Winter, Gary Goddard Agency,
David wants to marry Anna but there's a hitch - David's eccentric wife, Judith. He hatches a plan for her to be seduced by a co-worker so that he can sue for a quick divorce but the scheme falls hilariously apart.


New at Itopa

hearing assist 1

The Ingersoll Theatre of Performing Arts is now proud to offer a Hearing Assist System to our Patrons.
Many of our Patrons with Hearing Aids May be familiar with this Logo:

hearing assist 2

By switching your Hearing Aids to T-Coil Mode, we now have the Technology to transmit the audio directly to your Tele-Coil equipped hearing Aids giving you full control of the volume on stage.

All you have to do is arrive at the Theatre 20 to 30 minutes early and ask our box office staff for the small transmitter device and over the ear speaker or neck loop (for T-Coil equipped Hearing Aids). They will explain how to use the device and you will be able to control what you hear on stage. 


 An early picture of the corner where the 
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