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My Darling Judith by Norm Foster June 15-16-17*-21-22-23-24* 2018, (* Sunday Matinee)

My Darling Judith was originally produced at Theatre New Brunswick, in Fredericton NB, in 1987.

My Darling Judith is staged by arrangement with Pam Winter, Gary Goddard Agency,
David wants to marry Anna but there's a hitch - David's eccentric wife, Judith. He hatches a plan for her to be seduced by a co-worker so that he can sue for a quick divorce but the scheme falls hilariously apart.

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New at Itopa

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The Ingersoll Theatre of Performing Arts is now proud to offer a Hearing Assist System to our Patrons.
Many of our Patrons with Hearing Aids May be familiar with this Logo:

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By switching your Hearing Aids to T-Coil Mode, we now have the Technology to transmit the audio directly to your Tele-Coil equipped hearing Aids giving you full control of the volume on stage.

All you have to do is arrive at the Theatre 20 to 30 minutes early and ask our box office staff for the small transmitter device and over the ear speaker or neck loop (for T-Coil equipped Hearing Aids). They will explain how to use the device and you will be able to control what you hear on stage.


 An early picture of the corner where the 
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