Ada’s Notebooks – By Rebecca McNall

Sep 8, 9, 10*, 14, 15, 16*, 17*

Ada’s Notebooks is the poignant story of three generations of women, and their interactions as one is slowly slipping away. We hear Ada’s descent into Alzheimer’s in her own words, as her many notebooks are discovered, and her history revealed. Ada had been a nurse on the front lines in WWII, then a teacher once she returned from war. She wrote about her life experiences throughout the years, and the notebooks reveal a remarkable woman that her family discovers and loves even more.



Daddy-Long-Legs – Adapted by Lilyane Moyer

Dec 8, 9, 10*, 14, 15, 16*, 17*

Adapted from the classic tale by Jean Webster, Daddy-Long-Legs is the story of a young girl, Jerusha Abbott, who has been raised in an orphanage. Despite the sad and boring life she leads, Jerusha is a cheerful and creative person with a talent for writing. A mysterious man pays for her to go to college, believing she can become a writer. He sets a strange condition – she must write to him monthly about her life, without ever expecting a letter in return. Jerusha nicknames him Daddy-Long-Legs, and he becomes an integral part of her life. Who can he be?



Christmas with The Crooners

Thursday, Dec 21, 7:30pm (1 show only)

Join us for this retro holiday celebration with classic Christmas songs and seasonal tunes heard for only one month a year. And of course, delivered as only Rick & Connor can deliver!! With the Nevin Campbell Trio.
(120 minutes – includes a 20-minute intermission)



A Night in Provence – A Comedy by Robin Hawdon

Apr 5, 6, 7*, 11, 12, 13*, 14*

Ah, Provence! The French Riviera – where the well-to-do rent luxury villas for exorbitant sums in order to get their annual fix of sun, sea, and haute cuisine. However, imagine the crisis if one such sumptuous place was double booked. Worse – triple booked! By a French couple, an English couple, and heaven forbid, an Irish couple. Marriages have foundered on less. Add copious champagne, friskiness, and ingrained cultural differences, and the European Union (never mind Brexit) comes close to imploding.



VALDY in Concert

April 18, 1 show only – 7:30pm

Along the way, Valdy has taken his music to a dozen different countries, from Denmark to Australia, and been an often-invited performer at the prestigious Kerrville Festival in Texas. His past television appearances include Canada AM and Open Mike with Mike Bullard. Valdy has also been a panelist on Front Page Challenge, and played a lead role in an episode of The Beachcombers original series.

Born Valdemar Horsdal in Ottawa, Valdy has been part of the fabric of Canadian pop and folk music for almost 40 years.
A man with a thousand friends, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, to Texas to New Zealand. He’s a singer, guitarist and songwriter who catches the small but telling moments that make up life.



The Mousetrap – By Agatha Christie

Jun 21, 22, 23*, 27, 28, 29*, 30*

Whodunnit? A local woman is murdered. The guests and staff at Monkswell Manor find themselves stranded during a snowstorm. It soon becomes clear the killer is among them, and the seven strangers grow increasingly suspicious of one another. This record-breaking murder mystery features a brilliant surprise finish from Dame Agatha Christie, the foremost mystery writer of her time.