Itopa Presents

ITOPA – Well done to everyone from “Always a Bridesmaid”

A hearty thank you to the cast and crew from our latest show.  It was well attended, and very well received!  Our wonderful crew consisted of:  Stage Manager Lynne McSherry, Assistant Stage Manager Nancy Waller, Photographer Betty Price, Set Painters Brenda Strachan and Danielle Davelaar, Props Maida Huggett (and Diane for her special poodle), Costumes Michell McGrath and Kate Greg, Techies Bob Hulme, Greg Tomkins, and Chloe Shulman, Set Builders Lorne Waud, Ian Moyer, and Nicole Larouche (she was the Producer too), Co-Producer Jim Konopetski, Backstage Assistants Dylan and Jacob, and our Director and Set Decorator Michelle Murphy.  The talented cast put on a series of fine performances and were: Hanna Kast, Kate Greg, Lisa Carron, Lori Jovanich, Michelle Murphy, and Stacey Riley.  Thanks to Tim Hortons for supplying some 50-50 volunteers, and Sew Stylish Wedding Works for their generous donations of Bridesmaids’ dresses.   A lot of hard work was put into this production, and a ton of fun was had by all.