Dear Students, 

First of all, it’s probably a good idea to specify that Improv Comedy is the art of creating scenes spontaneously, right on-the-spot. There’s no script; no planned story! Characters and plot twists happen as if by magic! If you watch the show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, you will know what Improv Comedy is. 

Some people get confused between ‘Stand-Up Comedy’ and ‘Improv Comedy’. They are very different genres. This is a course for discovering the joys of Improv Comedy! 

My approach to teaching Improv Comedy is based on two foundations: teamwork and focus. Our ability to work together as teammates and our capacity to have ‘laser-vision’ focus, are vitally important to getting to the “Improv Sweet Spot”. 

During classes, we will do group work and solo exercises to strengthen our team building abilities and our focusing skills. We will also have tons of fun learning and practicing some great Improv ‘games’ – all in preparation for our 2 exciting nights of Graduation Celebration Shows – where you and your team will take the stage at ITOPA and delight your audiences! 

This course is super fun. It’s for those willing to take a bit of a chance on themselves between the ages of 18-80. It doesn’t need any previous stage experience. Just a bit of courage! But don’t you worry! It’s all done in a super-supportive atmosphere – where we not only learn Improv techniques, but some pretty cool life-skills, too. Many of my students (cops, lawyers, accountants, librarians, teachers) have said that this course was one of the MOST important and enjoyable experiences of their lives! 

So, with all that in mind, I hope to see you on Monday, November 4th. Bring on the laughter, bring on the learning!! 


Liane Gregory-Sterritt 

Improv Performer, Improv Trainer, Lover of Humanity 



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